Civil, structural, and mechanical engineering services encompass the planning, design, and implementation of projects related to infrastructure, buildings, and mechanical systems, ensuring their safety, efficiency, and durability.

Civil Structural

  • Structural design, catwalks, platforms, gangways, mezzanines, stairs
  • Repair plans of existing structures
  • Lifting and safety, handrails, monorails, jibs
  • Industrial pipe supports, conveyor bents
  • Connection design
  • Steel detailers and CAD drafting personnel


  • Piping design, stress analysis and hydraulics
  • TSBC design registration
  • Piping system troubleshooting including vibration mitigation
  • Tank repairs, including planning, design, and inspections
  • Tank modifications including re-rating
  • Equipment specs and datasheets

Fibra is continually evaluating their competencies and looking for areas that fit within existing skills.  If you’re unsure please reach out and we can discuss if Fibra could be a match.