Fibra Engineering

Fibra Engineering grew out of West Coast Pre Fab.  WCPF is a general contractor with full service fabrication and implementation.  At times, small projects are as much designing for optimal installation as they are actual execution.  It just made sense to involve the team as by the time the solution is ready the project can be half done.

We are a small agile firm able to effectively execute small and medium designs.  Fibra does not manufacture or install any products, however, we are collocated with a fabrication and machine shop.  This immediate access to trades people makes us different and allows us to meet tighter deadlines through the communications or access to trades commitments.

Fibra works either for you directly, for West Coast Pre Fab or for another third party.  We work in several capacities and cooperatively with anyone in industry.

We rely on cooperation with many other engineering firms in this space.  Whether a specialty calculation or tooling, or to review designs, we aim to work cooperatively with the many talented firms, big and small.

Let’s Discuss Your Project and Determine if it is Something we Can do Effectively.